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Drishti Infotech is provider quality link building is simply the most important activity you can undertake to get higher search engine rankings. Links to your website continues to be one of the most important factors Google and Bing use in determining where you will rank in the search results. Link building is the process of finding relevant, quality websites and receiving a link from them to you. At Vertical Measures, our focus is to develop quality, relevant inbound links to your website through a variety of sources, utilizing a variety of methods.

Our link building services are professional and effective. We customize each link building campaign to your individual needs based on our analysis of your current inbound link portfolio and overall analysis of your website. For example, using sophisticated tools we have developed over time, we might check your competitions’ backlinks to develop a targeted list of sites for the overall purposes of providing you with the best link building campaign available under drishti infotech.

Link Worthy Content Review and Development
You need to have a reason for people to link to your website. Do you have "link worthy" content? There are a variety of link worthy opportunities available for your brand. From contest management, corporate blog management, and video marketing to white papers, linkbait images, and lists, here at Vertical Measures we can facilitate them all. Our team of experts will develop and manage a campaign sure to assist in the pursuit of one way link building.

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Link Development
Our custom link building services are built with the many facets of your website in mind. Our plans may include some or all of the below services :

  • Link Reclamation- Requiring research and time, broken and incorrect links are discovered and corrected.
  • Link Requests- We contact webmasters directly to request links on your behalf.
  • Guest Posts- Utilizing our connections, we seek out guest post opportunities on relevant sites.
  • Authority Articles- Our professional writers will develop authority content pieces, and we will work to place them on relevant sites.
  • Directories- We will conduct the research to find SEO-worthy directories to submit your site to.
  • Commenting- Commenting on blogs and forums or answering questions can garner valuable links.
  • Online Profile Development- We build content links on authority sites by creating unique profiles for your brand.

Widgets, Badges, and Embedded Content
During our research for the perfect link building campaign to suit your needs we will look at utilizing widgets, badges, and embedded content. These items do not just garner links back to your site, but also traffic! We’ll develop, promote, implement, and manage widget, badge, and embeddable content creation in an effort to create a variety of quality one way links.

License Content or Data
Developing content and distributing it is just one piece of the puzzle. Keeping link attributions within the content is the other. Licensing content and data is important for the overall success of your campaign. The third party sites we distribute your content to are required to maintain your content in the way in which it was originally produced. This is valuable for two reasons: your links stay intact, and the integrity of the document is not lost in cyberspace.

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Social Media
Our social media marketing service includes building and participating in various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others related to your industry to create a presence and promote your link worthy content. More and more social media signals are being used by search engines in determining rankings; that’s why the social media piece of your link building campaign is integral to your overall ranking success.

Request a consultation to learn more about how our link building campaigns, link services, one way link building services and other website marketing services can help you increase your website traffic and maximize your profits. Or give us a call to discuss our customized link building strategies : +91-9310140174.

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