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Content writing for your website is called web content writing. When you require more and more content for your website to attract visitors, search engine optimized content to get more search engine visibility and traffic to your website – then a good content writer is required. Now a day’s website traffic means business, hence to increase your business you need good content for your website. Some one who knows how to optimize your content for search engines can only provide good website content.

Web content writing is a responsibility to make customers content properly expressed.

Basically, as a web content writer we are writing 300 word articles on a wide variety of topics – from ‘travel’ or ‘places’ to ‘web services’ or from ‘fancy dress costumes’ to ‘garden sheds’ and everything in between. Three hundred words and producing the right level of quality. A lot of the writing comes down to common sense – by sharing your general knowledge on a subject matter you can often provide sufficient detail for the article. Technically, we always stick to your keyword requirements – that means including any key phrases in the article that provided by you.

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So, if the client wants us to write 5 articles with the keyword ‘Uttranchal Tourism’, the phrase ‘Uttranchal Tourism’ should appear in the 300 word article around 3 times in its exact form – this is for search engines and doesn’t need to be explained further here. We have been behind loads of projects on the Internet - from bulk writing and proofreading services through to advertising networks. We know how to win work as a writer and what buyers look for.

One of the best things that ever happened to us as a writer was to buy website content and write-ups from other writers. Not only did that show us how we were sizing up against the competition, but it also showed us exactly how poor the standard of website content offered online was and how badly writers market themselves online.

Drishti Infotech content writers have the professionalism to understand how to win work and they do understand how to optimize the write-ups for the web. We know buyers are not looking for magazine standard, but they are looking for competent English. If you were looking for a content writer, we would take a moment to offer our services. We have professional content writer with the ability to research and write articles tailored to your SEO requirements on any topic. We are confident that we will deliver your expectations well within a nominal deadline.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about hiring us for any project. We are always ready to write articles for clients by understanding how much work is involved and how long it will take us to complete. We evaluate and strictly stick to the strategy set forth by each client. Write the matter to match each customer’s particular, exclusive specifications, within the agreed timeframe.

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Page Format :
11 pt Arial, Tahoma/12 pt Times New Roman; Bibliography on a separate page; Word/Open Document/PDF file; Minimum 250 words per page; One inch margin top, bottom, left, right; double space page (250 words).

Simplified pricing :

Normal timeframe :
Per Pages @Rs. 600/- or @ $13.00USD Per page

We do Copywriting, proofreading, editing, rewriting, content development, preparing sales letters, report writing, essay writing, product reviews, product descriptions, academic writing and content for blogging or blog-posting are some of the categories of our writing jobs. Apart from the essential skills mentioned above, our writers possess creativity, a good grasp on English (grammar, vocabulary and sentence structuring) and the most important ‘flair for reading and writing’. We have work experience and knowledge on any specific topics such as finance, fashion, products, software, alternative energy, health and fitness, online games, forex, stocks, commodities, current events, politics, economics, music, entertainment and many other sectors.

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